Our goal is to shorten the bridge between excellence in product development and the markets who need it. From technology to industry standard solutions, keyword remains market disruption.



We do not limit ourselves to a single market.

Opportunities for all.From high end mobile solutions to industry changing products for a eco friendlier living and business, we are multi versed in the opportunities we offer with the underlining tone of quality. Our products are quickly becoming the industry standards in multiple regions.

  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Events Live Streaming
  • Interactive Advertising Devices
  • Interactive Radio Platform
  • Interactive Television Platform
  • Interactive Software Development
  • IoT Solutions
  • Mobile Robotics


Juuso Vuorinen

Senior Advisor

Jarkko Jokelainen

Chief Technology Officer

Jude Luggya

Director Uganda

Sam Wambugu

Strategic Advisor

Mikkola Maria

Business Development

Contador Harrison


David Masengu

Director Zambia

Janne Nordström


Mphoentle Gaonosi

Southern Africa Business Manager

Annegrete Krings

Chief Administration Manager


Company Profile

From Europe to Africa and beyond.

Our business knows no limits.Blend of professionals creating a formula not found anywhere else.

Motaso was formed to meet the growing needs of emerging markets.We have a unique combination of local knowledge, good networks in business and the talent to develop the best solutions for the next wave of trends in the market.People behind the company are veterans of technology,business development and finance.

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    +45 5267970

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    +256 41 469 0112

  • Lusaka

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    +260 96 246 5586

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